Customer Management at Scale with Azure Lighthouse


Azure Lighthouse is a game-changing service that allows administrators to manage applications at scale across hundreds of subscriptions!


Managed Service Providers (MSPs) deliver value by offloading the administrative and maintenance burden of running your own applications.


In the Azure world, those applications are typically hosted in customer subscriptions, associated with the customer’s Azure AD tenant. Azure Lighthouse is a game-changing service that solves this problem, allowing delegated resource management and cross-tenant management experiences.


In this session, we reviewed the capabilities of Azure Lighthouse and showed you how to get started with the service.


Keynote Speaker

Jonathan Tuliani  |  European Managing Director



Jonathan leads our European office, and is responsible for managing our European clients.


Prior to joining Opsgility, Jonathan was a 9 year Microsoft veteran, spending over 5 years in the Azure Engineering team, where he was Principal Program Manager for both Azure DNS and Azure Traffic Manager, as well as contributing to various other Azure features.


Jonathan has 20 years’ experience in the IT industry, in roles spanning development, product management, technical pre-sales and program management.

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